Wine and drinks

Great grapes and drinks from around the world:


Champagne Jacquart Brut Mosaïque NV, Reims, France
125ml £10.00 Bottle £55.00
Lovely and fresh with spiced bread and fruit flavours.

Champagne Jacquart Brut Mosaïque Rosé NV, Reims, France
Bottle £65.00
Delicate bubbles with full and fine finish.

Champagne Jacquart  Blanc de Blancs 2006, Reims, France
Bottle £80.00
Lively, fresh and light with an elegant and long finish.

Ruggeri Prosecco, Italy
125ml £7.50 Bottle £35.00
Defined and elegant from a top family producer.

Il Follo Vino Spumante Rosato, Valdobbiadene, Italy
125ml £7.50 Bottle £35.00
Delicate and refined with floral notes and hints of pears.

Camel Valley Brut, Cornwall, England
Bottle £45.00
Fresh and dry – perfect for a celebration.

Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rosé Brut, Cornwall, England
Bottle £55.00
Pale with a delicate taste of wild-strawberries.

White Wines:

Fairfields, Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, New Zealand
175ml £8.00 250ml £11.00 Bottle £31.50
Green apples & gooseberries, perfect with seafood.

Monrouby Chardonnay IGP, Côtes de Thau, Languedoc, France
175ml £6.50 250ml £9.25 Bottle £27.50
A delightfully clean and unoaked Chardonnay from the South of France. A great texture with fresh citrus notes on the finish.

Oliver Tricon Chablis, Burgundy, France
175ml £8.75 250ml £12.50 Bottle £36.50
Crisp and refreshing, with citrus tones and mineral finish.

Eidoselda Albariño, Rias Baixas, Galicia, Spain
175ml £8.50 250ml £12.00 Bottle £35.00
A powerful fresh, fruity and floral Albariño.  Silky smooth with fragrant peach and apricot notes.

De Gras Viognier, Chile
175ml £6.00 250ml £8.50 Bottle £24.00
Exotically aromatic Viognier from a prime Chilean region.

Paparuda Pinot Grigio, Romania
175ml £5.00 250ml £7.00 Bottle £20.50
A lively example of Pinot Grigio with fresh apple and luscious honey notes.

Domaine Franck Millet Sancerre, Loire Valley, France
175ml £9.00 250ml £12.75 Bottle £37.50
Flinty, fresh and herbaceous with a lovely minerally quality.

Freedom Cross Chenin Blanc, Franschhoek, Western Cape, South Africa
175ml £5.25 250ml £7.50 Bottle £21.50
Bursting with tropical flavours and hints of ripe apple leading to a clean, dry finish.

Enchanted Garden Riesling, Dandelion Vineyards, Eden Valley, Australia
Bottle £37.50
Intensely fresh and zesty with a clear minerality, this bone dry Riesling has great structure and length.

Lomer Lois Grüner Veltliner, Kamptal, Austria
Bottle £35.00
Light and super refreshing with juicy green apple flavours, hints of herbs and white pepper spice.

Livio Felluga ‘Sharis’, Colli Orientali, Italy
Bottle £45.00
Delightfully elegant and well balanced, the Sharis (Ribolla and Chardonnay grapes) is floral and aromatic with zesty lemon, white cherry and yellow plum flavours.

Rosé Wines:

Provence Rosé Houchart, Provence, France
175ml £7.75 250ml £11.00 Bottle £33.00
A classic rosé with uplifting acidity and lots of red fruit flavours.

Devil’s Ridge, White Zinfandel, California
175ml £5.25 250ml £7.50 Bottle £21.50
Slightly sweet in style and very refreshing. It has fresh fruit characters of raspberries, strawberries and ripe apples.

Camel Valley Rosé, Cornwall, England
Just off dry, intense strawberry notes – perfect for summer.

Orchid Boulevard, White Zinfandel, California
175ml £5.50 250ml £7.75 Bottle £22.50
Youthfully brilliant salmon pink hue. Aromas of fresh strawberries, pomegranate and hints of floral undertones.

Innocent Bystander Moscato, Yarra Valley, Victoria
Bottle £18.00
Bright pink, sweet and bubbly Moscato with strawberry, raspberry and red cherry notes. Sheer fun and extremely moreish! Served in its own 375ml bottle for two to share (or not).

Red Wines:

Paparuda Pinot Noir, Romania
175ml £5.00 250ml £7.00 Bottle £20.50
A fragrant and fruity Pinot Noir. Fresh, light and soft with plenty of strawberry and raspberry fruit notes.

Arjona, Rioja, Spain
175ml £6.25 250ml £8.75 Bottle £25.50
A stylish unoaked rioja. Good clear colour. Ripe fruity flavours.

Tomero, Cabernet Sauvignon, Argentina
175ml £7.50 250ml £10.50 Bottle £30.00
A deep red ruby colour. complex, rich, soft and sweet with well balanced tannins.

La Cavea Merlot-Pinot Nero, Veneto, Italy
175ml £5.25 250ml £7.25 Bottle £21.50
Velvety, round and full bodied with intense red berry fruit.

Smart Dog Syrah, Alentejo, Portugal
175ml £6.75 250ml £9.75 Bottle £29.50
Wonderfully rich flavoured and full bodied with spice and dark fruits.

Vina Falernia, Carmenere, Elqui Valley, Chile
175ml £6.50 250ml £9.00 Bottle £26.00
A deliciously rich wine from this cool-climate region of Chile. chocolate and vanilla notes.

Altos Las Hormigas Malbec Clasico, Mendoza, Argentina
175ml £8.25 250ml £12.00 Bottle £35.50
Light and silky with delicate tannins.  Plum fruit, dried herbs and sweet spice flavours linger on the finish.

Heartland, Shiraz, Langhorne Creek, South Australia
175ml £9.25 250ml £13.00 Bottle £37.50
Masses of black fruits, red currants and spice with hints of espresso.

Massif d’Uchaux les Arbouses, Côtes du Rhone Villages, France
175ml £6.75 250ml £9.50 Bottle £27.50
A delicious, full and rounded palate full of chunky black, herby fruit.

Plantaganet ‘Omrah’ Pinot Noir, Great Southern, Western Australia
175ml £9.25 250ml £13.50 Bottle £39.00
Supple and smooth with lashings of sweet cherry and raspberry fruit, hints of spice and subtle vanilla oak.

Castello di Luzzano Vena Rossa, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Bottle £40.00
Super concentrated with an explosion of cherry raspberry and violets, this wine is a stunning balance of the powerful Barbera and the soft and perfumed Bonarda.

Fontodi Chianti Classico, Tuscany, Italy
Bottle £55.00
A beautiful example of this classic wine. Rounded and sweet with notes of dark red cherry, spice and hints of tobacco. Silky, succulent and inviting.

Dessert Wines:

Triana Pedro Ximenez, Spain 50cl
100ml £8.75 Bottle £40.00
One of the sweetest wines in world. PX is about as sweet as things can get.

Montes Alpha Late Harvest Gewürtztraminer, Colchagua, Chile 37.5cl
70ml £8.50 Bottle £30.00
Aromatic and honeyed with a rich and luscious sweetness, beautifully balanced by a refreshing zestiness.


Pomegranate & Cranberry Mojito £9.00
Appleton White Rum, pomegranate seeds, cranberry sauce,  pomegranate syrup, mint, lime and a splash of soda (a non-alcoholic version is also available £4.50).

Clementine Margarita £9.50
Cazcabel Tequila Blanco, St Germain Elderflower Liqueur, Clementine juice, sugar and a dash of lime juice.

Apple Strudel Mule £9.00
Cinnamon infused Chase Vodka, spiced rum, Cornish Orchards Apple Juice, topped with Fever Tree Ginger Ale (a non-alcoholic version is also available £4.00).

Poinsettia £12.50
Champagne laced with Cointreau and a splash of cranberry juice.

Cornish Fizzer £12.00
Aval Dor Cornish Vodka, Cornish Orchards Elderflower and lime topped with Camel Valley Brut.

Frangelico & Zooey £6.50
Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur, Origin Resolute Espresso and a splash of cream served over ice.

Brandy Alexander £7.50
Maxime Trijol VS Cognac, crème de cacao blanc, cream and a dusting of nutmeg.

Tin Cup Old Fashioned £7.50
Tin Cup American Whiskey, Angostura Bitters, sugar and ice with a generous slice of orange peel.

Sloe Gin Bramble £8.00
Sipsmith Sloe Gin, Sipsmith Gin, Lemon Juice, Sugar, Crushed ice and blackberries.

Bloody Mary £8.50
Chase Oak Smoked Vodka, Worcester Sauce, Cornish Sea Salt, Horseradish and cracked black pepper, shaken over ice with tomato juice and tabasco (a non-alcoholic version is also available £4.50).

Non-alcoholic Mint Julep £4.50
Mint, elderflower and lemon topped with Cornish Orchards Apple Juice.

Spirits (all 35ml)

Koko Kanu Rum (37.5%)  £3.50
Sagatiba Pura (38%) £3.00
Appleton White Rum (37.5%) £3.00
Appleton Estate VX Rum (40%) £3.60
Appleton Estate 8 year old (43%) £4.00
Captain Morgan Rum (40%) £3.45
Morgans Spiced (40%) £3.45

We have an extended range of gins, please ask!
Plymouth Gin (41.2%) £3.80
Bombay Sapphire Gin (40%) £3.80
Sipsmith Gin (40%) £4.50
Tanqueray (40%) £4.00

Stolichnaya (40%) £3.45
Absolut Pear (40%) £3.45
Belvedere (40%) £4.70
Ketel One Citroen (40%) £3.80
Sipsmith vodka (40%) £4.40
Grey Goose (40%) £4.70
Chase Vodka (40%) £5.00
Aval Dor Cornish Vodka (40%) £6.50

Jose Cuervo Reposado (38%) £3.45
Cazcabel Blanco (35%) £5.00
Café Patron XO (38%) £5.00

Jameson’s Irish Whiskey (40%) £4.00
Drambuie Whiskey (40%) £4.00
Jack Daniels (40%) £4.00
Canadian Club (40%) £3.70
Johnny Walker Black Label (40%) £4.00
Woodford Reserve (40%) £4.50
Talisker 10yr Whiskey (46%) £5.50
Glenmorangie (40%) £5.00
Haig Club (40%) £5.00
Tin Cup American Whiskey (42%) £5.00
Wild Turkey American Honey Bourbon (35.5%) £4.00

Hennessy VS (40%) £4.70
Hennessy XO (40%) £14.65
Domaine de Papolle, Bas Armagnac (40%)  £5.25
Calvados Prestige (40%) £3.45
Maxime Trijol VS (40%) £4.50
Maxime Trijol VSOP (40%) £7.00


Baileys 50ml (17%) £4.20
Kahlua 35ml (20%) £3.20
Frangelico 35ml (20%) £4.20
Tia Maria 35ml (20%) £3.20
Disaronno 35ml (28%) £3.40
Limoncello 35ml (30%) £3.20
Southern Comfort 35ml (35%)  £3.70
Sambuca 35ml (38%) £3.20
Pernod 35ml (40%) £3.20
Cointreau 35ml (40%) £3.40
Grand Marnier 35ml (40%) £3.70

Vermouths: (all 50ml)

Martini Extra Dry (15%) £3.20
Martini Rosso (15%) £3.20
Martini Bianco (15%) £3.20
Noilly Prat (18%) £2.70
Pimms No. 1 (25%) £6.50
Campari (25%) £4.20
Aperol (11%) £4.20

Ports (all 70ml)

Porto Alegre Tawny Port (19.5%) £3.55
Porto Alegre Ruby Port (19.5%) £3.55

Draught beers: ½pt / pt

Becks Vier (4%) £2.30/£4.60
Asahi (5%) £2.50/£5.00
Cornish Pilsner (5.2%)  £2.50/£5.00
Doombar (4%) £2.00/£4.00
Guinness (4.1%) £2.45/£4.85
Atlantic Ale (4.2%) £2.00/£4.00
Orchard Cider (4.5%) £2.00/£4.00

Bottled beers:
Corona 330ml £3.90
Peroni 330ml £3.90
Becks alcohol free 275ml £2.50
Daura Damm – Gluten free 330ml £4.85

Soft drinks:

Pure Blue Water still / sparkling 750ml  £3.40
Pure Blue Water still / sparkling 250ml  £1.60
Luscombe hot ginger beer 320ml £3.75
Cornish Orchards cranberry & raspberry 240ml £3.10
Cornish Orchards lemonade 240ml £3.10
Cornish Orchards apple juice 240ml £3.10
Cornish Orchards elderflower pressé 240ml £3.10
Orangina 250ml £2.25
Red Bull 250ml £3.00
Coke / Diet Coke 330ml £2.75
Coke / Diet Coke  / lemonade ½pt £1.50
Fever Tree tonic / slimline / bitter lemon / ginger ale 200ml £1.75
Innocent orange, mango & pineapple 180ml £2.30
Innocent strawberry, blackberry & raspberry 180ml   £2.30
Fresh Orange Juice ½pt £2.50


Drinks allergies and intolerances:

Before you order your drinks please speak to one of the team if you want to know about our ingredients.

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