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Good Energy was founded with the mission to fight climate change. Over the past twenty years, they have worked to transform the energy market by giving people the option to choose a 100% renewable power supplier, and by making it easier to generate clean power in homes and businesses. In 2019, Which? awarded Good Energy the highest green rating.

Shared values and a desire to reduce our carbon footprint is what started the partnership between Watergate Bay Hotel and Good Energy in 2013. Since then, Good Energy have been supplying the hotel with electricity generated from sun, wind and water, with a community of independent generators. 

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The journey to be more sustainable didn’t stop there. We've discussed new technologies that can help the hotel and guests reduce their impact on the environment even further. In the car park we have Good Energy One Point electric vehicle chargers.

To switch to Good Energy, call 0800 254 0004

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There’s never been a more important time to stand up for our world.