Dreya Bennett: kite vs horse challenge

Dreya is a familiar face at Watergate Bay, having kitesurfed and surfed here for most of her life. A seasoned competitor on the kitesurf world circuit and not to mention a former champion of the TV show Gladiators!

Dreya will be taking part in our Kitesurfer vs Polo Pony challenge at Polo on the Beach on Saturday 18th May at 2:30pm, so we thought we’d introduce you to her.

Check out that orange wetsuit and board you certainly wont miss her! Dreya will be representing Veuve Clicquot in the kite vs pony challenge.

How long have you been kitesurfing?

Henry Ashworth who set up the Extreme Academy got me into kitesurfing about 12 years ago (I was 28). Dreya also established the first Kitesurf school in the country with Henry Ashworth.

Career highlights

The biggest highlight for me was the first event I ever managed to go with Flexifoil to Cape Verde Islands; this was before it became a World Tour Event and just a few of the top riders were there. Being there, watching them and my first key kitesurfing event when I was still learning was amazing. I felt like I was at the birth of something really great and that those names would become iconic.


And, of course, another highlight was competing. Each competition brought with it new tests and challenges keeping me invigorated and excited about kitesurfing.  A competing highlight was actually beating Cindy Mosey who was five times world champion. (Beating her in one heat I should add, but none the less, a win!)


The Isles of Scily to Watergate crossing, that one was really special as it was dedicated to my best friend who tragically died in a kite accident in Germany. We set up the crossing to raise funds for a trust in her memory: http://www.silkegorldtsurfing.de/.

And I couldn’t leave out the Ireland crossing in 2005 sponsored by Veuve Clicquot. I left from Watergate Bay and travelled the Atlantic across to the Irish coast at Dungarven. This crossing won me two Guinness World Records: Longest Journey by Kite and Longest  Continuous Kite Journey by a Woman. the journey was 115.4 nautical miles or 132.80 miles in total. In fact this World Record still stands!

Watergate Bay

Watergate will always be extremely special to me – I grew up here, I got married here, I learnt to surf here, I learnt to kite here, I picked up half my scars here.


Kite vs Polo Pony Challenge

What conditions are you looking for on the day?

Perfect conditions would be a 20 mph westerly wind. I can ride in anything from 10mph winds but anything less than that would be hard. I don’t want anything with easterly in it as it comes of the cliffs and making my kite spin. I there is a southerly or northerly wind then I’ll be heading straight out out over the swell and back into it again which will make it much much harder.

How do you think you’re going to fare against your competitor Andy?

In think it’ll be really close actually but it will totally depend on the wind and how fast we can both run!


We are very excited to be welcoming back Dreya to take part in the Kite vs Polo Pony challenge and considering Dreya can reach speeds up to 40 knots we think its going to be a close call as to who will win!