Stampede Stunt Company

Unique is the word for this show! A high quality, first class horse trick show combining elegance, skill, humour and daring stunts in an entertaining high energy Victoriana show.

The first time performing on a beach for many of the horses, The Stampede Stunt Company horse display team got Polo on the Beach off with a bang with their new Gulliver’s Carnival trick show in two arena performances. With individual costumes and a soundtrack featuring a wide-ranging musical ramble through pop, electro-swing, nostalgia and movie references, they wowed the afternoon crowd in between the professional polo matches.

Featuring their charismatic stilt-walking showman/ ringmaster, Oliver Gulliver, the show featured six Spanish performance horses and professional trick riders. Smoke flares, mind reading, Roman Riding, high speed pick-ups, Roman Ride racing and trick riding were just a few of the components of this truly amazing show.

Saturday 5th July 3pm & 5.15pm