Our new Beach School

Let nature teach and inspire, with summer days in our beach ‘classroom’.

Forest school-inspired coastal sessions

Shelter building, outdoor cooking and bushcraft

Dates through July and August

Two and five hour sessions for 5-15 year olds

Launching this summer

From firepit cookery and bushcraft to imagination and storytelling, children will build confidence and social skills in Watergate Bay’s coastal environment.

Open to local children as well as hotel guests. Email us to book a session, or book through the mobile app (hotel guests only).

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Beach sessions

In association with the Forest School, our qualified Coastal School Leadership team will share knowledge of the marine and coastal environment through beach games and activities. 

Learn the art of whittling, practical conservation behaviour and survival skills. Groups will build shelters, light fires and cook on an outdoor fire. Activities will be tailored for the age group and develop primary skills and confidence in a coastal settings. 

Coastal playground

By encouraging a connection to the shoreline, children learn to appreciate the importance of protecting ecosystems. Discover how to identify different species and coastal flora and fauna, as well as the importance of marine protected areas, sea defences and practical conservation methods.

Watergate Kids Zone Beach School Fun

Beachside whittling

Learn the art of whittling with Forest school-inspired woodworking sessions on the sand. Beginning with potato peelers (depending on age) and advancing onto knives, they'll discover more about different wood types. Whittling has been shown to promote focus and creativity, interdependence and life skills.

Beach Whittling

Shelter building

Make a shelter with only ropes and a tarpaulin, and develop resourcefulness by foraging on the beach to make shelters stronger and unique. This leads to an understanding of the importance of protecting yourself from the elements in the wild.

Watergate Bay Kids Zone Beach School

Outdoor cooking

Besides the outdoor fire, toast marshmallows and pizza on the flames. Any five-hour session will include a meal as part of the beach school experience which will be prepared and cooked by the children. View exact dates and times for different age groups below:

Watergate Beach Club 01438

All two-hour sessions are £25

15 July 9am - 11am & 12pm - 2pm
19 July 1pm - 3pm
30 July 10am - 12pm
1 August 11am - 1pm & 2pm - 4pm
5 August 2pm - 4pm
7 August 3pm - 5pm & 6 - 8pm
16 August 11am - 1pm
22 August 9am - 11am
23 August 9am - 11am
29 August 9am - 11am
30 August 10am - 12pm
2 September 12.15pm - 2.15pm


Ask a question, or if you are staying with us book through our mobile guest app. Just visiting the Bay?

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Some sessions are two-hours and cost £25. All five hour sessions include lunch and are £60.

14 July 9am - 2pm
16 July 10am - 3pm
19 July 4pm - 6pm
21 July 2:30pm - 7:30pm
30 July 1pm - 3pm
31 July 10am - 3pm
3 August 11.30am - 4.30pm
5 August 5pm - 7pm
16 August 2pm - 4pm
19 August 1pm - 6pm
22 August 5pm - 7pm
23 August 5pm - 7pm
28 August 9am - 2pm
29 August 12pm - 2pm
30 August 1pm - 3pm
1 September 11am - 4pm


Ask a question, or if you are staying with us book through our mobile guest app. Just visiting the Bay?

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All these five hour sessions are £60 and include a meal.

17 July 11am - 4pm
20 July 2.30pm - 7.30pm
29 July 9am - 2pm
6 August 2pm - 7pm
15 August 10.30am - 3.30pm
20 August 2pm - 7pm


Ask a question, or if you are staying with us book through our mobile guest app. Just visiting the Bay?

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Good to know...

All sessions are subject to availability. Activity types will vary depending on the weather, age group and tidal conditions.

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