Our story so far

We believe that business and the environment should go hand in hand. We don’t want to shout about it but we do want to share our journey with you.

We started with the easier options. The hotel is now close to 100% LED and compact fluorescent energy saving lights. We use photocells to insure our outdoor lights are only on when needed and sensors in many areas too. We are working to ensure our hotel lighting is totally low energy.

Have you ever heard of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)? The ERDF is one of the European Union’s structural funds established by the European Commission to help local areas stimulate their economic development by investing in projects which will support local businesses and create jobs.


With the help of this fund we have two combined heat and power systems (CHP) and an array of solar thermal. The CHP units use gas from the grid to produce heat and electricity without wasting heat like a conventional power plant would. The solar thermal partly heats our swimming pool and the heat from our CHP units is used to keep our guests warm. This reduces our carbon footprint by 207 tonnes per year and our electricity demand by 45%. That saves the same amount of carbon as 200 train journeys from London to Glasgow.

Reducing our water consumption is high on our agenda. With the help of South West Water we have invested in aerators for our taps, restrictors for our showers and reduced the amount to water needed to flush our toilets.

We love to recycle. We currently recycle at least 50% of our waste and are working towards recycling 80%. Our textiles and old uniforms are donated to the Salvation Army and we recently have collaborated with Surf Action to donate our wetsuits to war veterans, and their family and friends.

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