Interior style: sea view suites

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Our designer

Cornish designer, Matt Hulme from Dynargh Design, made his mark at Watergate Bay when he created the interiors for the continental bar, Watchful Mary. As well as looking good, Matt’s projects have to work as functional spaces; bedrooms, bars and restaurants, so he was our first choice when it came to redesigning our sea view suites.

Twin Bath In The Window Room 1

Sea view inspiration

The inspiration for the new bedroom suite design was to create spaces that felt homely and inviting for guests. As they have some of the best views in the hotel we didn’t want to include obvious nautical or seaside touches. The focal point of the suite is still the sea view in front of the bath. Allowing the interior to reference the hotel’s location in a more subtle and sophisticated manner, including touches through the curated artwork pieces and photographs on the walls.

To create a home-from-home, various different pieces of furniture, lighting, accessories and artwork were sourced which all work in a cohesive manner, whilst not being identical to each other. A collection. The aspiration is for the suites to have a feeling of individuality, and a different experience for guests, with each room.

The colour and overall scheme palette was used to create a space that feels calm and inviting during the summer months, yet a warm and cosy during the darker winter months.

Suites 1 and 21

Facing directly towards the ocean with baths in the bay window, and a snug lounge area, our sea view suites are our very best rooms in the hotel. Suites 1 and 21.

The new designs mix texture from the timber walls with patterned cushions and vibrant colours. Soft lighting and key pieces of furniture all focus towards the floor to ceiling view of the beach. Suite 21 has retained its roll-top bay-window bath. Suite 1 has two slipper baths.

Interior Design Sea View Suite 1
Interior Design Sea View Suite 2 (2)

Design notes

Take some inspiration from Matt’s design notes and create a similar style at home. Pieces have been sourced from HK Living, Designers Guild, Garden Trading and Nkuku.

  1. Cushions
    Used to bring pattern and texture to the scheme. The back cushion is a dark pink that pulls some of the colour out from the front patterned cushion.

    Fabric: Designers Guild - Eriska - Rose
    Multicolour Aztec Weave cushion. Supplier: HK Living

  2. Artwork
    A collection of different pieces of art using various styles of frames. Smaller mirrors can also be used in this way to give the impression of space and light.

    Sourced from  IamFy and Junique

  3. Pendant light
    A key feature of the suite. It’s large. During the day the shade gives texture to the ceiling and at night it creates a beautiful warm glow and shadow.
    Hangbastring XL. Supplier:  tineKhome

  4. Paint colour
    The dark blue grey of the Farrow and Ball paint (#289) brings a moody atmosphere and the reflections from the sea subtly highlight the blue tones, whilst maintaining a rich and chalky feel.

    Farrow & Ball - Inchyra Blue No.289

  5. Mirror
    It’s important to bring furniture pieces together. The metalwork in the freestanding mirror compliments the existing metal bed frame.

    Metro - Black Industrial Mirror. Supplier: William Wood Mirrors

  6. Pendant light cluster
    Used for their texture and the shadows and shapes they create on the ceiling and walls.

    Basket Pendant. Supplier:  tineKhome

  7. Armchair
    Re-upholstered in leather to give a slight retro feel. It is important to recycle and upscale existing furniture pieces if you can.

    Brooklyn Armchair. Supplier: UHS

  8. Vintage rug
    Each suite has individual vintage rugs to offer homely feel to the space and a sense of individuality.

    Supplier: London House Rugs

  9. Towel ladder
    Multi-colour Tanoak Wood Towel Rack. Supplier: Bloomingville

  10. Freestanding bath
    Napoli Stone Resin Bath. Supplier: Lusso Stone

  11. Ottoman
    Bara Ottoman. Supplier: Nkuku

  12. Wall shelves
    Oak & Cast Iron Shelf. Supplier: Garden Trading
Watergate Bay Sea View Suite Room21 Roll Top Bath

Stay in a sea view suite

From £390 a night bed and breakfast, our sea view suites are on the first and second floor of the Victorian part of the hotel. We have two sea view suites, they sleep two adults and have space for a cot. They are not dog friendly.

Interior design

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