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Women of Watergate Waves

Watergate has a strong female surf community and to celebrate International Women's Day, Ocean Day and Surfing Day we meet a handful of regulars in the Watergate line-up to explore the draw of this section of the north Cornwall coast.

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Clara Jonas

Meera Sodha pilau recipe

Surprisingly easy to make and using the best of the season vegetables available, Meera Sodha’s spring pilau recipe with asparagus, fennel and pea is light, fresh and delicious. Perfect for a spring lunch.

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Spring Pilau

Yoga on the beach

As Wavehunters launch their full summer schedule of yoga and HIIT fitness classes on the beach at Watergate Bay, we caught up with yoga instructor Holly, to find out what you can expect from a class. Running through the summer most days from 8am.

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Watergate Yoga 00997 WH

Penguin summer reads

Sunshine, a refreshing drink and a good book. The perfect partnership. We’ve got together with our friends at Penguin books to create a summer ‘must read’ list matched to a different Watergate Bay drink, inspired by the themes of each book. Here’s our top six summer reads.

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Watergate Penguin Cocktails 00023 (1)

Vegging In: Meera Sodha

We catch up with food writer and Guardian columnist, Meera Sodha, to find out why going meat-free doesn’t mean you have to miss out on delicious food. She shares why vegan food is a celebration of vegetables and some of her favourite vegetarian and vegan dishes.

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Meera Sodha

Eat in the view

We think good food with a great view are the perfect match. Watergate Bay has four different restaurants, three of them with epic sea views. We capture the spirit of eating on the shoreline in pictures.

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Cocktails In The Beach Hut

Good Food, Well Earned

Watergate Bay is a great place to build an appetite. An exhilarating combination of physical activity, cold water and sea air. We speak to three nutrition and exercise experts to find out the relationship between getting active outdoors and good food. Take a look at our top 10 tips.

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Grilled Aubergine Pomegranate
Recipes Eat

The Beach Hut classics

Cornish produce sits at the heart of the new Beach Hut menu and is a key part of our renewed sustainability focus. Classic dishes have been reinvented, anchored by provenance and location. Discover some of our local food heroes through our selection of classic Beach Hut recipes.

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Crab Buccatini At The Beach Hut
Eat Recipes

Shroom, beet and walnut burger

Walnuts, mushrooms, black beans and beetroot. A plant-based burger with sweet beetroot relish, vegan "cheese" and remoulade sauce. Make your own at home with our recipe...

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The Beach Hut Shroom Burger At Watergate Bay
The Bay

Cheese without air miles

Cornish Gouda Co. strives for zero food miles throughout the entire supply chain, it's an ethos we're proud to align with and a key ingredient in our Beach Hut burger.  So is it Goo-da or Gow-da? Where does it come from and what makes it different? Learn about the importance of UK artisan cheesemakers and what we can all do to support local farmers. 

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Cornish Gouda Heifer Photo Credit To Cornish Gouda