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Guide to ocean inspired wellness

With Wallien

How can we tap into that healing feeling of ocean time, even if we’re stuck between four walls – or too many miles inland? What techniques and practices might energise or relax us in the same way as a swim in the deep blue? We asked our friends at Wallien…

Crafted from sustainable Yulex (natural rubber) neoprene and cut for freedom and form, surfing, swimming and seafaring women across the globe swear by Wallien’s second-skin seawear.

Wallien women

Run by a team of ocean-loving females, Wallien partners with projects that share its profound respect for the sea, like the Blue Marine Foundation. But for Amsterdam-based founder and “water woman” Madeleine Wallien, accessing the benefits of the ocean isn’t always as easy as you might imagine: "I live in the city but constantly crave a return to the sea and dream of my weekends there,” she says, noting that, while we might spend our days on dry land, we “remain more water than flesh.” 

“In the water, we move and feel at one,” says Madeleine. “The sea is a yielding mother, harsh teacher and comforting womb. Its flow is meditation.”

So how can we tap into this healing feeling of flow, even if we’re a long way from the sea? To tide you over until your next dip in the big blue, we asked Wallien’s community of water women to share their top tips for wellbeing, wherever you find yourself…

Wallien Surf

Five feel-good, ocean-inspired tips from Wallien’s community of surfers, swimmers, sailors, marine biologists, paddleboarders and divers:

1. If you can’t get to the beach, ocean meditation can still be done at home with a podcast or ambient sounds playlist. The calming sound of the waves improves sleep quality and soothes the nervous system. Settle down and listen into this ASMR track of rushing waves, or lose yourself in this two-minute mindful film of the Cornish coastline.

2. Breathing exercises are an essential part of our self-care and surf routine. Finding a peaceful spot by the water, we focus on the rhythmic sound of the waves, and take slow, deep breaths. There’s even a breathing technique called Ujjayi, or ‘ocean breathing’ (so-called because of the way its sound mimics waves washing over the shore), which increases oxygen intake and calms your body’s fight-or-flight response to promote relaxation. Learn how to do it here.

Cold Water Immersion

4. Aim for a coldwater immersion up to four times a week to really feel the benefits. Living in a city? Cold showers count too! From firing up your metabolism to fighting inflammation, the Ice Man himself, Wim Hof, lists all the science-backed ways a cold shower can boost wellbeing here. And if you’re lucky enough to live by the water, be sure to follow Wallien’s 7 essential steps before taking the plunge. 

5. Beach yoga is one of our favourite ways to stretch, ground ourselves in nature, and unwind to the soundtrack of the waves. From the jungle-framed shores of Bali to the golden sands of Nicaragua, be transported to a virtual beach yoga class with Watergate Bay’s roundup of inspiring outdoor fitness videos.

Three Wallien women share what time in the water means to them – and how they make the most of it:

1. Faye Seogalutze, founder of Val D’Isere personal concierge ski service Lutze Life on the incomparable tranquillity immersion in water brings: 

"Whether it’s in the surf, swimming pool or simply a bath, submersion in water allows essential time out for the mind and body."

Immersion In Water With Wallien

2. Brand director, environmentalist and cold-water swimming addict Katherine Heath on the benefits of looking on the bright side: 

"When it's 0 degrees outside, dark and windy, getting in the sea is the last thing you want to do. So a friend and I came up with a way of psyching ourselves up as we get in the water:

The ‘5 Positives’ method.

It's simple. Walk down the beach and get in the sea whilst listing at least 5 positives out loud. For example:

1. It's not raining (that hard)

2. The sunrise is beautiful

3. We've got the beach to ourselves

4. We're able to be here this morning

5. We'll feel amazing afterwards.

There are days when things are hard but there are ALWAYS positives. We just have to remind ourselves of them."

Surfkids Shredding Senegal Foundation

3. The budding surfer girls at Surfkids Shredding Senegal Foundation (which Wallien sponsors by supplying surf gear) on the synergy between music, breath and the movement of the ocean:

"Before going into the ocean, I look at the waves and I take deep, long breaths. Then I warm up at the shore while listening to my favourite song."


We’ve teamed up with Wallien to give you the chance to win a full Wallien watersports wardrobe – including a swimsuit, wetsuit and changing robe, and a two-night stay at Watergate Bay Hotel. 


Win With Wallien Win With Wallien

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