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Swim Club café bar

Sundowner cocktails on the pool deck, or coffee in the ocean room. Find some peace in our ocean room. Day or night, calm seas or raging storm, the panoramic view is mesmerising.


Peach Bellini  vg - gf (sd/a) £12
Peach and fizz

Classic Mojito  vg - gf (a) £13
Flor de Cana, lime, mint, soda and sugar

Aperol Spritz   vg - gf (sd/a) £12
Aperol, soda and fizz

Rogroni   vg - gf (sd/a) £13.50
Aperol, Plymouth gin and Regal Rouge bold red vermouth

Espresso Martini   v - gf (d/a) £13
Black Cow vodka, Kahlua and Origin espresso

Tarquin’s Bramble   v - gf (sd/a) £12
British blackberry & honey gin, cassis, lemon and sugar



Laurent Perrier La Cuvée  vg - gf (sd/a) £17 £100
France    12%
Balanced and citrussy

Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé  vg - gf (sd/a) £120
France   12%
Fresh and deep

Laurent-Perrier Blanc de Blancs Brut Nature  vg - gf (sd/a) £150
France   12%
Citrus lemon

Sparkling wine

Prosecco Brut, Ruggeri NV  vg - gf (sd/a) £9 £46
Italy   11%
Elegant and dry

White wine

Rama Viura Blanco  vg - gf (sd/a) £6 £23
Spain   11.5%
Dry and fruity

Paparuda Pinot Grigio  vg - gf (sd/a) £8 £30
Romania   12.5%
Light and dry

Sutherland Sauvignon Blanc  vg - gf (sd/a) £9 £38
South Africa   13.5%
Classic and crisp

Red wine

Paparuda Pinot Noir  vg - gf (sd/a) £8 £30
Romania   12.5%
Light and fruity

Gouguenheim Malbec Reserve  v - gf (sd/a) £11 £44
Argentina   13.5%
Smooth and oaked

Rosé wine

Crazy Tropez Rosé  vg - gf (sd/a) £10 £36
France   12.5%
Fresh and fruity

Perle de Valensole 2021 Rosé  vg - gf (sd/a) £10.50 £42
France   13%
Full and classic


Plymouth Gin   35ml (41.2%)  vg - gf (sd/a) £8
Garnished with lemon peel, lime and Jolly’s Cornish Tonic Water

Tarquin’s Cornish Dry Gin   35ml (42%)  vg - gf (sd/a) £9.50
Garnished edible flowers, Pink Grapefruit peel and Jolly’s Cornish Tonic Water

Tarquin’s Cornish Gin & Tonic   250ml (7%)  vg - gf (sd/a) £5.50

Black Cow   35ml (40%)   v - gf (d/a) £6.50

Jamesons Irish Whiskey   35ml (40%)  vg - gf (a) £4.50

Starward Double Grain Australian Whiskey   35ml (40%)   vg - gf (a) £8

Pampero White Rum   35ml (37.5%)   vg - gf (a) £6.50

Spiced Rumbullion   35ml (42.6%)   vg - gf (a) £6.50

Stargazy Cornish Rum Liqueur   35ml (22%)   vg - gf (a) £6.50

Bepi Tosolini Saliza Amaretto   35ml (28%)   vg - gf (n/a) £6

Baileys Irish Cream   35ml (17%)    v (g/d/a) £5.50

Beers & cider

Harbour Brewery Pilsner   330ml (5%)    vg (g/sd/a) £5

Korev Cornish Lager   500ml (4.8%)   vg (g/sd/a) £5.50

Lucky Saint Low Alcohol Beer   330ml (0.5%)    vg (g/sd/a) £4.75

Harbour Brewery Arctic Sky IPA   330ml (4.3%)    vg (g/sd/a) £5

Atlantic Pale Ale   500ml (4.5%)    (g/sd/a) £5

Cornish Orchards Gold Cider   500ml (5%)   vg - gf (sd/a) £5.50

Cornish Orchards Pear Cider   500ml (5%)    vg - gf (sd/a) £5.50

Doom Bar Amber Ale   500ml (4.3%)  (g/d/sd/a) £5

Soft drinks

Jolly’s Cornish soft drinks    vg - gf (sd) £3
Sparkling elderflower / Ginger beer / Pink lemonade / Apple

Jolly’s Cornish spring water    vg - gf £2
Still / sparkling

Jolly’s Cornish tonic water     vg - gf (sd) £3
Regular / light

Coca-Cola / Diet Coke bottle   330ml    vg - gf (sd) £3.50

Coco loco smoothie     vg - gf (sd) £6.50
Mango, pineapple, coconut, lime, mint and pineapple juice

Berry zing smoothie     vg - gf (sd) £6.50
Blueberry, carrot, ginger, banana, courgette and apple juice

Kale kick smoothie     vg - gf (sd) £6.50
Mango, spinach, kale and apple juice

Hot drinks


Espresso     vg - gf £3

Double espresso     vg - gf £3.50

Americano     vg - gf £3.60

Macchiato     vga - gf (d) £4

Flat white     vga - gf (d) £4

Latte     vga - gf (d) £4

Cappuccino     vga - gf (d) £4

Mocha     vga - gf (d/s)  £4

Iced coffee     vga - gf (d) £4

Babyccino     vga - gf (d)  £1.50

Teas by the pot

English breakfast     vga - gf (d) £3

English breakfast decaffeinated     vga - gf (d) £3

Earl grey     vga - gf (d) £3

Triple mint     vg - gf £3

Jade green tea     vg - gf £3

Chamomile     vg - gf £3

Lemongrass & ginger     vg - gf £3


Hot chocolate

Hot chocolate     vga - gf (d)  £2.75 / £4

White hot chocolate     v - gf (d/s) £2.75 / £4


Treleavens Cornish Ice Cream £4 
Vanilla  vg (s)   / Strawberries & Cream  v (d)
Sticky Toffee Fudge  v (d/e/s) / Chocolate  v (d/s)  

Burts Crisps £1.80
Lightly Sea Salted     vg - gf 
Mature Cheddar & Onion     v - gf (d)
Sea Salt Malt Vinegar     vg (g/sd)
Spicy Sweet Chilli     vg - gf (gr)

Mr Filbert’s Nuts 40g £3 / 100g £3.50
French Rosemary Almonds     vg - gf (n/p) 
Simply Sea Salt Mixed Nuts     vg - gf (n/p) 
Peruvian Pink Peppercorn Cashew and Peanuts    vg - gf (n/p)

Allergies and intolerances
Please be advised that all our food is prepared in an environment where allergens are present. We will take every reasonable precaution when preparing your food, but there is the risk of potential cross contamination of allergens. The allergen information identifies the known prescribed allergens within our dishes, it does not indicate if a dish ‘may contain’ an allergen. Please let us know if you have any allergies or intolerances including those additional to the core 14.

(v) Vegetarian
(vg) Vegan / (vga) Vegan adaptable
(gf) Gluten free / (gfa) Gluten free adaptable
(df) Dairy free / (dfa) Dairy free adaptable

All prices include VAT

Discover our restaurants

Here to dine, or barefoot from the beach? Choose from three different eating and drinking spots.

Zacrys On The Sea Wall Charred Leeks


Fusing international influence with local produce, a three-course menu showcasing the best of the season.

The Living Space - restaurant - Watergate Bay

The Living Space

Sofa, armchair, banquette or ocean-view terrace? Antipasti plates, seasonal salad or hearty fillers?

The Beach Hut Restaurant Watergate Bay

The Beach Hut

Laid-back, breezy and modern, the Beach Hut blends considered food and a warm welcome.

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