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You days

You days are open to team who have been with us for over a year. You will get two paid days each calendar year that you can use to:

Have your birthday off on us

You can use one of your You days to take your birthday off. 

You can either have your actual birthday off or take a paid day off within the month of your birthday.

Staff birthday at Watergate Bay

Give back to the community

You can spend a day volunteering with a charity or community project that’s close to your heart. Here are some ideas of what that could be:

● Volunteer at one of our chosen charities Newquay Orchard or Cornwall Wildlife Trusts.

● Work in the kitchens or as a delivery driver for one of the local foodbanks.

● Take part in any local tree planting/rewilding initiatives.

● Volunteer for the day at a community farm (CSA).

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You day graphic

How to take a You day?

  1.  Agree a date with your line manager who will rota it on in Harri as a You day.
  2. For a give back to the community day you'll need to email the HR team confirmation of your attendance (this can be a copy or a letter from the charity/organisation confirming your participation on the agreed date).
  3. Once the HR team has received all email confirmations, you will be paid for the day in line with your normal/average earnings.

The nitty gritty

It is important to follow the above steps otherwise the days will be marked as unauthorised absence. If for whatever reason you do not use these days, they will not be carried forward into the following year.

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