We believe it is our responsibility to help respect and preserve the natural environment. We vigorously support the local economic and social community by creating a successful, year round business that employs 250 full time, permanent staff members.

We are committed to supporting local suppliers using their produce and services wherever possible, helping to sustain a viable economy year round throughout Cornwall. We want the best our county has to offer and take time in choosing partners to work with. We live in a truly global community and well-travelled guests still expect certain foreign items that are not available in Cornwall, so we look to work with partners in sourcing the best items from Spain, Italy and Greece.

We use 100% renewable electricity throughout the business and we have installed two combined heat and power systems and array of solar thermal units. We use Ultra Violet filteration for our swimming pool to reduce our chlorine usage and we have installed electric car charging points, and we are a Tesla charging destination. We have one Tesla charge point in the Village car park, one in the main car park and a universal charge point in the main car park. Throughout the year we organise beach cleans for all our staff and run regular beach cleans for the Marine Conservation Society, providing data for their marine litter research.

We have reduced both our gas and water usage by a third and run an environmental management system to monitor our progress. Recycling rates have increased from 30% to 50% and are aiming to improve this to 80%. Already we recycle 100% of our glass as well as 100% of our food waste, which goes to an anaerobic digester.

For the future we are considering plenty of ideas; investing in electric vehicles, rainwater collection and reusing our waste cooking oil. We are always looking into the opportunities renewable energy may hold for us to ensure we have a secure energy supply now and in the future.

Read our environmental policy.