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Gstee: abstract aerial photographer

“Photography has always been an adventure-led expression. An excuse to get off the beaten track and immerse myself in a place, capturing moments along the way.”
– Gstee (George Stephens)

We catch up with the man behind the lens – and the large-scale works lining our beach lofts walls – to talk about the joy of the tangible imagery, discovering new perspectives and why Watergate Bay always calls him back…

DJI 0505

When it comes to Watergate Bay…I really like the raw and rugged nature of the north coast. There’s so much life in and around the water. Watergate feels like its own secluded bubble hugged by the cliffs. When I come here I treat it as a little escape, whether that's for a walk, swim or surf. It’s pretty local for me, but it feels like a distant retreat from life when you drop down into the Bay.

Being in or around the water, particularly when there are waves, nourishes me with a full mental reset. It’s almost a non-negotiable part of my day. If I’ve been away or travelling, it’s the first thing I do when I get home.

“It’s pretty local for me, but it feels like a distant retreat from life when you drop down into the Bay.”

When it comes to my process…It all starts with location. Sometimes I research spots on maps, on other occasions, I just find a spot by chance while exploring a new place. Then, I consider timing. I shoot almost exclusively during the sunrise or early hours. For me, this is my favourite light to shoot in, and is also a peaceful and playful time when there aren’t many people around.


A shoot is often a solo mission for me, so I value this creative time and being outdoors to get into a flow state. Then, I see what catches my attention – maybe it’s an angular rock formation that resonates in an interesting way, or a surf break creating shapes or a signature swell pattern.

Once I have the image, I treat the editing stage almost like a painting. There’s no real plan, I  just enhance it in a way that feels natural, which helps to create an overall cohesive style for all of my collections.

“The privilege of viewing the world in this way is probably my favourite part of aerial photography.”

When it comes to shifting perspectives…When I’m working as a touring music photographer, I only use point-and-shoot cameras. To me, this offers a personal point of view, a very human perspective. Whereas shooting from the air with a drone or from an aircraft offers a whole new way of seeing, which feels almost disconnected from your personal view. We’re not used to it and rarely get to experience it with the naked eye. There's a certain anonymity that I like about these shots, like you’re just floating in the sky. The privilege of viewing the world in this way is probably my favourite part of aerial photography.

Beach Loft 101 Lewis Pindar

When it comes to the beach lofts…It was such a pleasure working with Matt Hulme at Dynargh Design and witnessing his vision come to life. The size of the pieces in the lofts really pulls you into the room and into the essence of the space and location. There’s a contemporary but coastal feeling that aligns well with my pieces – it was really special to display my work in such a unique space. 

The images for these installations were all shot locally and immerse you in your surroundings. Together, they provide real context to where you are, mirroring the tranquillity of the ocean that's right on the hotel's doorstep.

When it comes to my favourite images…The pull and push of the tides around banks and estuaries creates some really intricate sand patterns on the banks. Storms, spring tides and erosion have hugely impacted some of my favourite spots. It’s interesting to document how these environments change over time.

When it comes to large format printing…In such a digital world, it feels so rewarding to have something tangible, something real. I’ve invested a lot of time in developing a printing and framing style that does justice to the images and reflects my style as an artist. Quality is the most important thing to me. I’ve come to realise that the human experience of seeing a physical piece is so much more potent than just viewing it on a screen. It seems to invite a much more conscious and connected moment with the image.

GSTE0237 (1)

When it comes to what’s next…I’ve learnt to give myself the time and space for new ideas to brew and motivations to arise. So right now I’m sitting between the ripples of this creative flow and enjoying the slow present. I’ve also just got a cat, so he’s keeping me pretty occupied right now.

Gstee Beach Lofts Frame Gstee Beach Lofts Frame


Keep an eye out for George's work dotted throughout the hotel during your stay, including in the beach lofts and The Living Space. View his available artwork at

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