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We are often asked about the decor at Watergate Bay Hotel; where our furnishings are sourced, who designed the interiors and where can I get one of those? So here we go.

Household is a design consultancy specialising in leisure interiors. They are brilliant at matching places with spaces, so were the perfect choice when it came to designing the interior of Watergate Bay Hotel.

Based on the tones of the hotel’s natural landscape – oyster grey, porcelain and misty blue – the Household-designed spaces at Watergate Bay seamlessly merge with the vista; bursts of yellow mimic the sunshine and hints of red lend it all a quirky charm.

Household sources local materials to make the spaces of the hotel authentic; rustic floorboards, Cornish granite cobbles and natural slates are just a few of those materials featured. Lighting throughout the hotel ranges from marine-influenced fixtures in brass and copper to elegant angle poise and driftwood lamps all working together to infuse our spaces with a relaxed ambient.

Sarah Page, Creative Director at Household says “Our design approach offers guests an environment that gives that something extra, something that invites you to leave the chaos behind. You’re taken on a journey to discover what fits your mood, whether that’s hideaways, social hubs, lookouts, foodie treats, feet-up, snooze spots or sun-spots.”








33 thoughts on “Interior style

      1. Nadine

        Hi there Team WGB,
        Thank you for the details of VGL for the fabulous yellow striped wallpaper. I contacted them and they said that the image for the wallpaper was supplied by you directly to them. Is it possible to get this image or pay for this image, please? I’ve looked in lots and lots of places to try to find something similar but just haven’t been able to find anything as striking and as uplifting. Many thanks, Nadine

      1. sarah

        Hi Gemma,

        Some more information for you. Zacry’s walls are painted in Parma Grey by Farrow & Ball and Rolling Fog by Little Green. The Living Space is painted in Dulux Grey Steel 4 and Rum Caramel. We hope this helps?

        Team WGB

  1. Jemma

    Can you tell me what paint make / colour you use on the walls in zacrys and the living space please?

  2. Emma Puryer

    We really like the oversized white wooden chairs ( high backed) with the striped cushions in the living space. Where are these from?

  3. Bev

    Hi, please can you tell me what colour the wooden shelving units are painted in the living space. Many thanks

  4. stephen nunn


    I’m regular visitor to WGB and would love to know where the white wood wall panelling comes from?


    1. sarah

      Hi Stephen, thanks for getting in touch. White wood panelling is used in various spots around the hotel – if you could be more specific i’ll look into this for you. Best wishes, Team WGB

    2. Lorraine Moore

      Hi WGB team,
      I absolutely love the wood panelling used in the bedrooms on the wardrobes. Where could I source this please?

  5. Clare

    Hi there – I was wondering if you could tell me where the beds are sourced from and also the lighting in Zacry’s? many thanks

    1. sarah

      Hi Clare, Thanks for getting in touch. Our beds are from Mattison Contract Beds and we usually get the President style. Please could be a little more specific about the Zacry’s lighting we’ll look into this for you. Best wishes, Team WGB

  6. Steve Nunn

    Thanks for getting back to me it’s the panelling in the swim club Treatment rooms and along the corridor as you enter the swim club as seen in the photos on the swim club gallery on the website.
    Many thanks

      1. sarah

        Hi Steve, Our guest relations manager Matt tells us it’s called Rum Caramel 5. It’s a Dulux colour which is applied to the oak and then rubbed off to achieve a worn effect. We hope this helps! Team WGB

  7. Nadine

    Hi again, just wondering if you could let me know please … are the wooden shelves in the Swim Club beside the yellow and white striped wallpaper also Parma Grey by Farrow and Ball (as per the Living Space) or are they a different colour? They look more of a grey/green colour than the colour of the shelving in the Living Space, but it could just be lighting and photography so I just wanted to check. Many thanks again, Nadine

  8. Jill Hinton

    Hi, I love your over sized, white wooden chairs in the iiving space and reception area, and wonder if you could tell me where I can get one from ?
    Many thanks

    1. heidi

      Hi Jill,
      They are from an Italian company called Gervasoni. The style is called Gray and they can be purchased from a number of retailers in the UK.
      Let us know if you need any more details.
      Team WGB


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