What to pack for a holiday in Cornwall

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It’s sometimes hard to know what to pack when you go on holiday, especially if you are holidaying in Cornwall. However, there are a few essentials that we suggest you don’t leave home without, many of which have been suggested by you through our Facebook page.


Cornwall is a country of outstanding natural beauty; from beaches, to woodland, to fishing harbours, to quintessential villages; trust us you’ll want to photograph it. Keep the memory of your holiday to Cornwall for a life time by capturing it all on film.

Cornwall is surrounded by the Atlantic bringing with it some of the best surf in the country, especially here at Watergate Bay. A surfboard is a must bring item, if you can fit it in your car that is.

If you don’t own surfing equipment you can always hire kit from the Extreme Academy including boards and wetsuits.

Comfortable shoes
Let’s get practical, comfortable shoes are a must! We’re not saying you need to invest in the latest, most expensive walking boots (unless you want to) but we are saying bring footwear that you can walk around in all day and not be complaining your feet hurt…or go barefoot on the sand!

We are pretty thrilled to include sunglasses as an essential item on the list as the sun has been shining and it’s set to shine some more! Sunglasses at the ready!

Waterproof jacket
Unfortunately this is a necessity. The weather in Cornwall can change without a moment’s notice so pack a light waterproof jacket that you can easily take with you on days out.

A good book or Kindle
Cornwall is full of idyllic reading spots, be it on a coastal path bench overlooking the sea or on the beach; having a good book to pass the time is definitely something to consider when packing.

Beach towels
Cornwall is home to an array of spectacular beaches so bring a few towels, stake your place on the beach and soak up the summer sun!

Your dog
Dogs are extremely well catered for in Cornwall. As a county we offer miles of beach, moorland and fields to explore, plus a huge amount of dog friendly attractions, restaurants and hotels including Watergate Bay. Your dog will love it in Cornwall, we can guarantee that!

A cosy jumper
Snuggle up in a cosy jumper and watch the sun go down on the beach with a glass of wine. Need we say more?

And one thing you won’t need … your watch
We loved this suggestion from Hayley Copper on Facebook ‘one thing you don’t need to pack is your watch…. coming from London I love nothing more than Cornwall time ….just chill’ and we couldn’t agree more; leave your watches at home (or don’t look at them too much), sit back and relax!