Espresso martini

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Two shots of naughty makes something extremely nice! This is certainly the case with our espresso martini (espresso-tini). They’re a favourite in the Living Space bar and make an appearance on the cocktail menu in autumn, although we will always make one on request.

Our bartender describes it as the posh red bull and vodka, with an extra kick. You’ve got the richness of the coffee and Kahlua with a clean aftertaste from the vodka, and if you want a more orangy taste substitute half your Kahlua shot with Cointreau.

It’s a good after dinner cocktail especially if you have a long evening ahead of you.

Serves one


One espresso shot of Origin coffee shot
25ml Kahlua
25ml Disarrono
50ml vodka
1 tsp sugar syrup


Pop all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and give it a good shake. Once ice cold, strain into a martini glass and serve with a coffee bean floating on the crema. Enjoy!

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