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12 Drinks of Christmas

Lost Garden Pineapple Rum Punch. Fowey Figgy Pudding Martini. St Michael’s Manhattan…

We’re popping the cork on the festive season and transporting you to Cornwall’s most enchanting locations with our 12 Drinks of Christmas.

Drinks menu

12 Drinks Of Cornwall Locations 12 Drinks Of Cornwall Locations

Inspiring days out

With St Ives Blood Orange Gin setting the glass ablaze; rum infused with Heligan-grown pineapples; and a whisky distilled “in the shadow of St Michael’s Mount”, this year’s 12 Drinks of Christmas menu balances our favourite flavours with a broad geographical mix to inspire days out when you’re here.

Will you shop for antique treasures in Lostwithiel? Explore the illuminated sculptures of Heligan’s Night Garden? Glide around The Eden Project’s winter ice skating rink? 

“So many of these cocktails just scream Christmas in Cornwall to me, and all the traditions that go with it,” says our mixologist, Meg Clark. “The twinkling lights, the markets – these recipes stir a sense of joyful nostalgia.”

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12 Drinks Of Cornwall 12 Drinks Of Cornwall

Creative curiosity

From Aval Dor Cornish Vodka to Tamar Valley Apple & Rhubarb Cordial, the Duchy’s impressive spread of artisan producers is showcased in imaginative ways.

The menu is a mix of seasoned favourites with a Watergate Bay twist. Full of fresh ideas and playful details, it’s a testament to our drinks team’s experimental, curious approach.

Take the Padstow Black Forest Gateau. Made using a double-filtered ‘clarified milk punch’ cocktail technique, what starts as a cloudy, creamy concoction, transforms into a glass of transparent, ruby-red, cherry and chocolate-flavoured deliciousness – cocktail alchemy in action. “You get all the rich texture from the cream, but none of the heaviness,” explains Meg.

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12 drinks of Cornwall map
Santas moonshine

Perfect pairings

The list also represents the symbiotic relationship between the hotel’s food and drink teams. Executive chef Neil Haydock tells our mixologists which ingredients will be leftover, and suggests how to use them.  

For example, the cinnamon apple crisps that garnish the Charlestown Santa’s Moonshine are actually kitchen leftovers from Zacry’s. “They peel tons of apples for desserts and have lots of skins we can use,” says Meg. “Little things like that help us to minimise waste and maximise flavour.”

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Raise a glass to the festive spirit with our 12 Drinks of Christmas The only question now is, which one will you choose?

Explore Cornwall with our 12 drinks of Christmas

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